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  • Algarve Interclub 12 May 2021

    Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

    Your Management Committee (MC) have been considering arrangements for the restart of play.

    You will all be aware that the 2020 competitions were cancelled with matches already played, at that time , also forfeited.

    We are anxious to ensure that does not happen this year. At the present time we can not proceed with any certainty. The second wave of the virus continues to increase infection numbers and the Portuguese government do not anticipate completing the first phase of vaccinations before 31st March.

    There are also various restrictions on movements between municipalities and curfews in operation. On that basis we do not consider that the season should start before 1st May 2021.

    There will be no cup competition in 2021 and the league timetable may be extended to facilitate the completion of matches. We suggest that any fixtures arranged before this date be rescheduled pending approval for the commencement of competition.

    As at today’s date the fixture status for 2021 is as follows

    there is only one fixture outstanding to be agreed ( Vilamoura V Vila Sol) Division 2 :Still to be arranged

    Levante: 1 home 4 away

    PDF : 6 home 3 away

    SDM : 2 home 4 away

    VDL : 6 home 3 away

    Alto : 1 home 4 away

    Palmares : 6 home 4 away

    QdL : 6 home 6 away

    Division 3 : still to be arranged

    Carvoeiro : 3 away

    Morgado : 3 away

    Salgados : 3 away

    Laranjal : 6 home 2 away

    Espiche : 3 away

    Silves Int : 6 home 2 away

    Castro Marim : 6 home 2 away

    You will be aware that the (MC) decided that after match meals would not be mandatory in 2021. This temporary arrangement is designed to faciliate the completion of matches whilst maintaining social distance.

    On this basis, we hope to recommence competition this year and appreciate your understanding of the difficulties in making clear recommendations.

    At the end of the day your safety and the safety of all our communities will be the overriding consideration in your (MC) authorising the resumption of play

    Regards Eric, Graham and Nick