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  • Algarve Interclub A.G.M. 2018 held January 8th 2019

    Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

    Algarve Interclub A.G.M. 2018

    Held at Vilamoura Millennium Clubhouse at 10:00, Tuesday 8th January 2019


    Present: Club Representatives:

    Alto:- Peter Hinkson Boavista:- Graham Vince. Carvoeiro:- Chris Wallace. Castro Marim:- David Winstanley, Menna Winstanley Laranjal:- Nick Fletcher, Sharon Henderson. Levante:- Jackie Rushgrove, Mike Smith. Morgado:- Andrew Thompson, Glynn Sedman. Palmares:- Peter O’Regan. Penina:- Peter Mills, Mike Ensor. Pinheiros Altos:- Neil Bamber, Quinta do Lago:- Peter Beale, Mark Foot. Quinta do Vale:- Rick Huckstep, Stene Scholdstrom. Serra de Monchique:- Steve Edwards, Des Briggs. Silves International:- John Ridgway, Alan Winstanley. Tavira:- Les Emery, Alex Figerado. Vale do Lobo:- Jenny Burt, Sunny Watts Vila Sol:- Tracey McCall. Vilamoura:- Doris Hewer.

    Management Committee (MC): Eric Innes, Graham Miller & Nick Daly.

    Apologies: Espiche & Salgados

    Non Attendance: PDF

    The chair opened the meeting by firstly welcoming all to the AGM and by thanking Vilamoura for hosting the meeting and Doris Hewer, in particular, for her assistance in making the arrangements once again.

    1. Approval of Minutes from 2018 AGM

    The minutes from the last AGM were approved as written.

    Acceptance of minutes Proposed by Penina, Seconded by SDM

    2. Matters arising from the 2018 minutes

    The Chair brought attention to item 9 of the minutes and clarified that the MC had decided not to proceed with creating a written process for dealing with prospective powers to invoke sanctions on Member clubs.

    3. Management Committee Report.

    The report, which was sent to all member clubs before the meeting, was presented by the Chairman. He began by once again congratulating all clubs on what he termed as the Interclub’s most successful season ever. All three Divisions producing a variety of closely fought matches and all reflecting games played in the Spirit of the Interclub. The chair stated that no issues had been brought to the attention of the MC during the year and that he asked if any clubs had any questions on the report before its adoption was proposed.

    Morgado begged to differ with Chairs statement and said that they had raised an issue, requiring the MC to deliberate, following their away match at Espiche in March 2018. Initially the MC expressed no knowledge of the said incident but subsequently they agreed they did recall it and felt that being a request for a decision on the Rules of Golf it was not regarded as a major issue.

    Post Meeting Note: Following the meeting the MC reviewed their response during the meeting and in the interests of transparency have copied their reply to Morgado to the issue raised in March.

    A copy of which is shown at the conclusion to these minutes.

    The Chair then proposed the adoption of the MC report.

    Acceptance of report Proposed by SDM, Seconded by Penina.

    4. Rule Changes for 2019

    During the handicap audit carried out in 2018 at Alto the MC expressed concern that team selections included players who played little golf at their home club. As part of the re-introduction of Alto to Division 3 Alto had volunteered that players selected to represent them would be required to have completed six qualifying competitions in the immediately preceding 12 months.

    The MC are supportive of this policy and the chair asked the meeting for comments and opinions. There followed a number of differing points offered by as number of clubs. - SDM were also supportive of the MC’s recommendation.

    Pinheiros Altos suggested that use of the Federation Activo or Non Activo of a playing member should determine whether they are eligible or not.

     Quinta do Lago questioned whether this was a Handicapping or Presence at the club by individuals.

    Laranjal supported the view that members who were actively playing at their club should be first to be considered.

    Quinta do Vale were also supportive but suggested that the ruling could be changed to 4 rounds, which would be consistant with the accepted practicefo 4 qualifying rounds per year for handicap purposes

    Penina were supportive of the MC’s recommendation.

    The Chair then suggested that rather than this becoming a formal rule it should be an introductory guidance note preceding the Rules. Preference in selection by all clubs for participation in matches should in the first instance be given to those who regularly support club competitions. This should be an integral feature of clubs commitment to the Spirit of Interclub.

    A vote was called on this proposed change and it was carried unanimously

    Maximum match fee meal price of 25€

    The chair asked attendees if there was any desire to increase this price. Clubs unanimously supported maintaining the current maximum.

    5. Consideration of Finals Day Price

    The Chair advised that they are finding it difficult to find courses that are prepared to offer the current price levels of 25€ for lunch and 40€ green fee and buggy. Assurances have been received that last year’s hosts Vila Sol will, for 2019 maintain the current level, but other clubs approached said they require more.

    The MC will keep this situation under review

    6. Financial Report The report was presented and accepted by the meeting as written. The carried over position at year end is higher than in previous years which is why the MC proposes decreasing the subscription to the previous level of 100€ for 2019.

    Vilamoura questioned why the major cost for the year was for the KO final. The Chair pointed out that this year’s costs represented a reduction from the previous year because each team paid their own lunch costs.

    The chair asked for agreement on the fee reduction.

    Proposer Pinheiros Altos, Seconder SDM

    Post Meeting note: Coffees for the AGM cost €120 so the carried over balance is €1,707.33

    7. Handicap Review The MC, based on the outcome of the previous year’s Handicap Audits, recommended that an audit be carried out each year and that a draw be carried out to determine which clubs should participate. Thereafter each club who has participated will get a 5 year exclusion period.

    The draw for the 2019 Handicap was taken and the clubs to participate will be Castro Marim, Serra de Monchique and Morgado. The MC will be in touch with each club outlining the requirements and timescale etc for the Audits to take place. 8. Close of Meeting.

    The Chairman thanked everyone for their contribution and wished them a successful season.

    Once again Steve Edwards of Serra de Monchique proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of all member clubs to the MC for their continued sterling work on the club’s behalf. On behalf of the MC these thanks are much appreciated

    Encl.: Financial Report updated ----------------------------------------------------

    MC Actions arising from the meeting:

    a. Circulate the AGM Minutes and post on website

    b. MC to contact the three club’s who are part of the 2019 Handicap Audit

    c. MC to collect annual subscriptions from Alto, PDF & Salgados

    Post Meeting Comment

    Issue referred to the Management Committee (MC) Date: March 2018 Match Espiche v Morgado

    Following this match Morgado sought to have one of the pairs from Espiche disqualified or the individual game replayed.

    The (MC) considered the following:

    The Espiche Captain having prepared the cards had left for the UK and requested Mr David Beckett of Espiche to look after the match.

    Morgado had made a late change of team and when the maximum handicap was applied no slope adjustment had been made, in contravention of Interclub Rule 10.

    This should have been checked by both Captains.

    In calculating the stroke differences Mr Beckett had calculated 110% difference instead of the correct 90%.

    We considered that this was a genuine error and should have been sorted by both Captains, before play.

    The claim from Morgado was that the Espiche pairing should be disqualified as the strokes received were erroneous.

    Our findings were as follows:

    From the information provided by both teams, the EGA handicaps stated on the day, of all 4 players, were correct and therefore not in question

    As a result, no breach by any player of Rule 6.2(a)

    Failings by both Captains to understand the application of slope adjustment to the maximum permitted EGA exact handicap (Interclub Rule 10) was also not a breach of this Rule 6.2(a)

    The error in calculation of the strokes allowed was again not a breach of Rule 6.2(a)

    For clarification Rule 6.2(b) as claimed by Morgado refers to stroke play and NOT matchplay.

    Rule 30.3(e) also quoted by Morgado leads on from 6.2(a) and is also therefore not applicable

    If the Morgado Captain was convinced the stroke allowances were wrong he should have insisted on

    1. It being jointly rechecked prior to the start of the match.

    2. At the latest, on returning to the clubhouse on completion of the match and before the result was announced.

    The result of the game concerned was a 5 and 4 victory to Espiche. As such, we were entitled to rule that as the match in question was not close, the result as announced should stand.

    Our decision was in accordance with the R and A Rules and Decisions under Rule 33-1/12