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  • Algarve Interclub A.G.M. 2019

    Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

    Held at Vilamoura Millennium Clubhouse at 10:00, Tuesday 7th January 2020


    Present: Club Representatives:

    Alto:- Barrington Thompson, Dave Hackett. Boavista:- Tim Greenwood. Carvoeiro:- Chris Wallace, David Lightburn. Espiche:- Julio Tarala. Levante:- Marc Aston. Morgado:- Andrew Thompson. Palmares:- Julio Pires, Ray Groves. PDF:- Michael Abbott, Brian Newsham. Penina:- Peter Mills, Mike Ensor. Pinheiros Altos:- Neil Bamber, Quinta do Lago:- Peter Beale, Mark Foot. Quinta do Vale:- Rick Huckstep, Stene Scholdstrom. Serra de Monchique:- Steve Edwards, Des Briggs. Silves International:- Julian Lyons, Tom O’Neil. Tavira:- Les Emery, John Stott Vale do Lobo:- Jenny Burt. Vila Sol:- Martin Bird. Vilamoura:- Doris Hewer, Noor Thorup.

    Management Committee (MC): Eric Innes, Graham Miller & Nick Daly.

    Apologies: Laranjal & Post Meeting Note: apologies were also received from Castro Marim.

    Non Attendance: Salgados

    Meeting commenced at 10.15am having been delayed pending the arrival of Salgados.

    The chair opened the meeting by firstly welcoming all to the AGM and by thanking Vilamoura for hosting the meeting and Doris Hewer, in particular, for her assistance in making the arrangements once again.

    1. Approval of Minutes from 2019 AGM

    The minutes from the last AGM were approved as written.

    Acceptance of minutes Proposed by Pinheiros Altos, Seconded by Vilamoura.

    2. Management Committee Report.

    The report was sent to all member clubs inearly December and the Chair asked if there were any issues which member clubs wanted further clarification on.

    There being no issues arising the report was accepted as written.

    Proposed Morgado and Seconded by Penina.

    The Chair then conducted a random draw for the three clubs to be chosen for the Handicap Audit for 2020.

    Clubs audited in the previous two years were exempt from the draw and the three clubs chosen were Vale do Lobo, Pinheiros Altos & Boavista.

    The MC will be in touch with each club outlining the requirements and timescale etc for the Audits to take place.

    The Chair then also advised that the course rating had been revised at Alto.

    This would, in general result in playing handicaps being increased by two strokes. The MC will also discuss directly with Alto, outside of the AGM, the implications, if any, for the handicaps of their interleague players.

    As a consequence the MC intended to include Alto in the handicap audit process. Post Meeting Note: The MC have requested that Alto make an early reduction to the handicaps of their interclub players to reflect the new slope rating.

    A meeting in this regard will be held in early March to find an equitable way forward.

    3. Financial Report

    The report was presented and accepted by the meeting as written. The carried over position at year end is similar to previous years which is why the MC proposes the subscription remains at the current level of 100€ for 2020.

    The report was accepted as written.

    Proposed Penina and Seconded Pinheiros Altos

    Post Meeting note: Coffees for the AGM cost €110 so the carried over balance is €2,017.33

    4. Finals Day

    Finals Day will be at Boavista on the 26th November 2020. Further details will be announced nearer the time.

    5. Nominations for the MC

    The Chair advised that no nominations had been received and that despite the current MC having served for over ten years they were prepared to continue for another year.

    On behalf of the clubs Vale Do Lobo proposed a vote of thanks to the MC for their continued efforts.

    6. Any Other Business

    – Finals Day costs

    The Chair proposed a modest increase from €65 to €70 from 2020 for the individual cost per player.

    Proposed Tavira and Seconded by Morgado.

    7. Any Other Business

    – Promotion & Relegation.

    The chair began by explaining to the meeting the rationale behind the current system of 3 clubs Promoted/Relegated each season.

    The Chair then asked the Morgado Captain to expand on his reasons for raising the issue.

    The Morgado Captain explained that his club felt, especially in Division 2 where only 1 club remained each season, this was unfair on that club and others.

    This view was supported by Penina who felt that rather mix the league on the system we should focus on rewarding clubs who played well and earned their promotions.

    Further discussion ensued offering differing opinions.

    The Chair then called for a vote which voted 13 – 4 in favour of retaining the current arrangements of three clubs being promoted/relegated annually.

    8. Any Other Business

    – Medicals for Federation Members

    The PDF Captain asked the meeting if anyone was aware of the recent edict from the Federation for members to obtain a Medical certificate.

    It transpired that most clubs were unaware of this requirement which effectively invalidates an Insurance claim if no medical certificate has already been lodged with the Federation prior to such a claim.

    The MC felt this was a matter for individual clubs to pursue but undertook to meet with the Federation to clarify.

    9. Any Other Business

    – Notification of tee times to Away teams 24hrs prior to a match.

    It was suggested that Home Team Captains notify the away team Captain of the playing order of pairings within 24hrs of the match.

    Varying opinions and points were raised both for and against such action with no clear or positive reason arising to indicate a Rule need be added.

    If individual Captains felt this to be beneficial they could adopt this arrangement but there was no view to make this mandatory.

    Parque de Floresta were of the view that as the InterClub league was about golf and social, teams should arrive pre-match for coffee and as such, the early provision of individual tee times was unnecessary.

    Quinta Da Lago suggested that the MC investigate whether the website could be updated to accommodate the posting of such playing times.

    10. Close of Meeting.

    The Chairman thanked everyone for their contribution and wished them a successful season.

    The meeting closed at 10.40am.

    Encl.: Financial Report updated

    MC Actions arising from the meeting:

    a. Circulate the AGM Minutes and post on website

    b. MC to contact the four club’s who are part of the 2020 Handicap Audit

    c. MC to collect annual subscriptions from Castro Marim, Laranjal & Salgados

    d. MC to discuss the need for Medical Certificates

    e. MC to explore options for updating the website