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  • Proposed Resumption of Play 14 June 2021

    Tuesday, 22 June, 2021

    Further to our email of 10 June 2021we are now in a position to advise that we have received replies from 20 of the 21 clubs.

    The outcome of these replies is as follows

    For Divisions 1 & 3 all clubs have confirmed they wish to take part.

    For Division 2 only 5 clubs will presently take part.

    Many of you will have seen Quinta do Lago’s reply advising that they are unable to secure tee times and therefore will not take part. The other club is Parque do Floresta for whom we have not yet received a reply, and we have been unable to get in contact with them.

    As the start date for the league was the 1st July we will leave their position open to them for a further two weeks.

    We would like to recommend to clubs, that promotion and relegation from Division 2, will be restricted to two clubs only for this season. Clubs unable to participate in 2021 will be excluded from relegation and will be offered a place in Division 2 for the 2022 season

    We will seek the views on this proposal, once the decision from PDF, is known.

    The provision of an after match meal, for this season, will be at the discretion of clubs to agree between themselves.

    We would also confirm that the date for completion of matches, has been extended to 28Th February 2022, however we would hope that all clubs will aim to complete their matches by the end of December. This should become apparent when all fixtures have been added to the web site.

    The State of Calamity is in place until the 27th June 2021 but that early indications are that this is liable to be extended to the end of August. This would therefore suggest we are not yet out of the woods but hopefully this will not result in further more stringent rules coming in to being.

    On the bass of the foregoing we consider that all clubs finalise their fixture as soon as possible and therefore matches may commence immediately following receipt of this email.

    Eric, Nick, Graham